Our philosophy

We cultivate a certain way of understanding the rest, inspired by the culture slow seek spaces in harmony. A mood reinvented with natural materials such as silk fibers, cotton or bamboo, which provide us with all their qualities and properties.

arbol Our objetive

Rest is vital to get up in the new energy-filled morning. This requires a proper bed environment with natural materials free of unwanted substances that can alter the rest and regeneration process of the body overnight.

Nuestra Historia

​​Our commitment with the environment, our passion for natural textiles and their health-beneficial effect, together with our constant desire of travelling and getting to know different cultures led us to initiate this adventure.

After we could see how some synthetic textiles could cause allergies, lack of transpiration, static electricity, skin blemishes and other disgusting effects, mainly on our little-ones, we began to be concerned about the kind of fabrics we were using in our day a day.

In our permanent pursuit of natural textiles similar to our skin, and after spending a long time in Asian countries, we found this little jewel of the eastern culture, the natural silk-filled duvets and pillows.

Thus, in 2007, we created Sedasana, with the aim of starting our particular Silk Road, Being Sedasana the first Spanish company to commercialize silk-filled Nordic Duvets.

Encouraged by the warm welcome to our products, both in our online shop and in the ecological fairs such as BioCultura, we decided to add other products made with natural fibers like the comfortable mikmax cotton duvet covers, the soft and absorbing bamboo fiber towels.


A line of natural textiles

especially selected for you

to enjoy a unique experience

every day.